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Email Privacy Tool- SEO Tool is a FREE to use premium tool.

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Privacy is important nowadays due to hacking and harassment. In email, we are used to providing appropriate security for each mail id due to authorized login. So if you find details about the website, just enter the url and show the email used on the website. This tool is used to check if there is unauthorized access and check email or not. E-mail messages can be accessed in an unauthorized manner when the e-mail is in transit or when it is stored on an e-mail server or device. To test an email address, whether it's secure or not, just enter the email address you want to try and hit enter. You will get results within seconds.

Business owners and website administrators are becoming increasingly aware of the privacy of their email. Not only them, but also people in every sector want a secure email delivery process. They always want to increase their email privacy and comprehensive information security solutions. Free Email Privacy gives you a secure email infrastructure. With this tool we can get:

Safely archived data - This tool travels through distributed data centers across multiple locations around the world to provide complete security for stored messages. Messages are encrypted and saved as read-only files when archived. All users, as well as administrators, always want to use secure protocols (HTTPS, IMAPS, or TLS) over their email service.

High virus protection - This tool has great virus protection. It can detect malware based on virtualization and zero hour model based protection against any kind of threat posed by email.

Identify threats faster - Can quickly protect email from future threats and offer solutions to ensure complete email security.

Trusted Email Filter - This tool also provides a great layer of security and protection for you by filtering out all potentially annoying emails or malware. It also undergoes detailed header analysis, message formatting and encryption, message fingerprints, and SMTP conversation details for authentication. The analysis of the source of messages is also done in real time so that one can create or edit whitelists and blacklists at any time.

Effective Email Backup Policies - Also allow you to follow the instructions on backing up messages to prevent email loss.