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Page Speed Checker Tool- SEO Tool is a FREE to use premium tool.

We are providing these premium SEO Friendly Tools for FREE. Some Tools will also require you to sign in, which is completely FREE.

Run page speed controllers from multiple locations around the world via real-time (IE and Chrome) browsers and real-time client connection speeds. You can run simple tests or run advanced tests, including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking, and more. Your results will provide comprehensive assessment information, including waterfall graphs of loading resources, controls to improve site speed, and tips for improvement.
If you have performance/optimization questions, you should visit the forums where industry experts regularly discuss improving web performance.
Page Speed ​​Controller is a complete page speed test that can be done from 10 different countries around the world. This allows testing and measuring the performance of each HTML page. Returning results will impair requirements, content size, and upload time. Additionally, there is an original waterfall that details the time and HTTP address for each original.
A page speed control tool can be used to evaluate the performance of your website to see where improvements can be made. Consider adding Casey DNA to your suite to quickly reduce your website delays.