The Complete Guide to Work Permit Cost in UK

Oct 13, 2023


Welcome to UK Express Documents, your ultimate resource for efficient shipping center services and reliable legal services in the UK. In this detailed guide, we will provide you with essential information about work permit costs in the UK. Understanding the price structure and legal requirements associated with work permits is crucial for individuals and businesses seeking to employ foreign workers in the country.

Work Permit: An Overview

A work permit, also known as a Tier 2 visa, allows skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to work legally in the UK. It ensures that individuals possess the necessary skills to contribute to the country's economy while protecting local job opportunities.

Work Permit Cost Breakdown

Before diving into the details of work permit costs, it's important to note that fees may vary based on individual circumstances and specific visa requirements. The following breakdown provides a general idea of the expenses involved:

  1. Application Fee: The initial application fee for a Tier 2 work permit is typically £610. However, certain exemptions and discounts might apply based on factors like nationality and occupation. It's advisable to consult with UK Express Documents for personalized advice regarding potential fee waivers or reductions.
  2. Immigration Skills Charge (ISC): Employers sponsoring skilled workers under a Tier 2 visa are also required to pay the Immigration Skills Charge. This charge aims to support the training of local workers and reduce dependency on migrant labor. The ISC fee varies depending on the size and duration of the sponsoring organization, ranging from £364 to £1,000 per year.
  3. Healthcare Surcharge: Non-EEA workers are generally required to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge, which grants them access to the National Health Service (NHS). The surcharge amount depends on the length of the visa and is currently set at £624 per year.
  4. Priority Service: If you require expedited processing, the UK Home Office offers a priority service for an additional fee of £500. This option ensures faster processing times, so you can commence work in the UK sooner.

Understanding Additional Costs

While the aforementioned fees constitute the primary components of work permit costs, it's important to consider factors that may incur additional expenses:

  • Legal Services: Engaging professional legal services, such as those provided by UK Express Documents, can provide crucial guidance throughout the application process. While legal fees vary, they are invaluable in ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and maximizing the chances of a successful application.
  • Document Translation and Certification: Non-English documents must be translated into English and certified for the application process. Translation and certification costs may vary based on the complexity and number of documents.
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP): After successfully receiving a work permit, individuals are required to collect their Biometric Residence Permit. This document serves as proof of the holder's immigration status in the UK and includes biometric information. The current fee for a BRP is £19.20.

Application Process and Legal Requirements

The application process for a work permit involves several steps and requires careful preparation to ensure success. While UK Express Documents can assist you throughout the process, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the general requirements, including:

  1. The Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS): Potential employers must provide a valid Certificate of Sponsorship to support the application.
  2. Proof of Skills and Qualifications: Applicants must demonstrate their eligibility for the designated job, including possessing the required skills, qualifications, and relevant work experience.
  3. English Language Proficiency: Non-EEA workers must meet certain English language requirements to ensure effective communication in the workplace.
  4. Genuine Relationship: The Home Office assesses the authenticity of the employment offer and the relationship between the employer and the applicant.

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In conclusion, understanding work permit costs in the UK is paramount for individuals and businesses seeking to employ skilled workers from outside the EEA. The associated fees, including application fees, immigration skills charges, healthcare surcharges, and additional costs, can fluctuate based on numerous factors.

By partnering with UK Express Documents, you gain access to a trusted authority on shipping center services and legal expertise. Our team will guide you through the intricacies of the work permit application process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

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