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About Master Plagiarism Checker Tool

Master Plagiarism Checker Tool is a FREE, specially designed tool to detect any duplicate content available online. Its ultra-fast processing, enables you to save a lot of time, while giving you the most accurate results ever.

Our plagiarism tool is Free to use and gives you an opportunity to sign up as a user for FREE.

Here is a list of the features of Master plagiarism checker tool.


  • Millions & Millions of web pages

This Tool has the ability to test plagiarism by matching your content towards billions of webpages at the internet. Once you add your content, it'll mechanically run it in opposition to every existing content at the net within seconds, making it the maximum state-of-the-art yet quickest plagiarism scanner you'll ever come upon in your lifetime.

  • Result will be analyzed on the basis of Sentences

The Tool does no longer forestall at showing you the proportion levels of plagiarized and particular content material. It additionally suggests you, in a listing layout for clean detection, each plagiarized (if any) and precise areas of the content material piece, sentence-by means of-sentence. Plagiarized sentences are proven in pink while the unique ones are proven in green on your convenience.

However before checking we need to understand, what is Plagiarism?


“The act of pretension where you are taking one’s words and lead them to your very own it can consist of thoughts, thoughts, or any fabric that you can see/listen and make a duplicate of.”


If we talk in a legalistic way then taking someone’s copyright and claiming it to be yours is unintentional plagiarism.


In the world of the internet, it is not taken into consideration a criminal offense, but it simply shows deceitfulness in that person’s man or woman. Question is why does it be counted? Properly, in academics, it could place people into severe hassle, if caught plagiarizing, they will now not best face punishments however lose the time an amateur can utilize to examine.


In this our on-line world, there may be many mistakes that could trigger duplication in content. One of the maximum huge ones is failing to place a citation mark, even in case you had no purpose of taking someone’s words however forgetting unintentionally to present credits or quoting the call, there's a possibility that it could placed the content or you to extreme complications. The most common problem